What is it like to have a Bengali husband?

There are pros and cons to have a Bengali husband .


1.They are big foodies so they won’t restrict you from eating .

2. Their biggest food and entertainment is eating “Lyadh”(enjoying lazy time). They won’t bother to argue with you for anything in that time .

3. They probably are the most Harmless and Domesticated animal in the world if you are good at preparing and providing “Luchi and Cholar dal” every morning and “Kosha Mangso” and Bhat ( mutton and rice) in weekends for them.

4. They can be used for draping your Saree and giving honest and unbiased feedback about your make up if you are pampering them well .

5. They are really Adorable if you are allowing them to sleep when you actually need them for any house related work .

6. They are the happiest species in world who gains their happiness from watching football and cricket . So you don’t have to break your head to make them happy . Just give the remote to them and you will see the change .


1.They often forget to change the shirts and tends to wear same shirt for 2/3 days happily .

2.If you are snatching the TV remote from them during a KKR match then you can expect a small tsunami at home.

3.They suffer from memory loss . Don’t expect them to remember your marriage anniversary or your birthday .

4.They often forget what excuse they have given earlier for not taking you out for shopping or dinner . So never mind after getting different answers each time.

Last but not the least :Some of them are scared of ghosts . You can make the most of that .


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